Terms and Conditions Publisher

1. These terms and conditions (T & C) regulate relations between IATECH LTD. VAT GB244260723 (hereinafter “Toogains | Advertising Network”) and the “Publisher” subscriber module to join the service, constitute the only agreement between the parties, supersede and cancel any previous agreement.

2. Toogains is a service provider that facilitates the participation in “programs of Online Marketing”, by linking Publishers (also known as “Publishers”) with Advertisers (also called “Advertisers”) through the medium of the Internet. Network Performance: Through the platform Toogains, the Publisher will make application for membership to the advertising programs offered by individual advertisers, based on specific operating conditions and economic. If you are using a Adserver of Toogains on a site of the Publisher, Toogains will automatically forward the application for membership on behalf of the Publisher, which can block the necessary individual advertiser through your account at any time. Only once accepted by the advertiser Publisher will be allowed to post banners and links. Media Marketplace: Toogains can decide whether to purchase the advertising space through “media marketplace” – a minimum price established by the publisher – and monetize inventory (that is, the traffic generated by advertising) either directly or indirectly. The Publisher is aware that Toogains has no obligation to buy inventory and the inventory is not purchased will be returned automatically to the Publisher who can monetize it as he sees through their ad server.

3. The Publisher will promote Advertisers using only the tools made available, may not, under any circumstances, use unauthorized devices such as robots, Iframes, or hidden frames. The Publisher will not be compensated for their transactions (including its employees and collaborators) and multiple transactions or those from the same individual (for example, transactions generated by the IP can be considered void).

4. The Publisher undertakes to preserve with care the information needed to use the service (id and password to access your account) and shall immediately notify Toogains the possible loss of access credentials or any situation You can potentially generate an unauthorized access.

5. To promote products / services of the advertisers is expressly forbidden to use sites that contain or promote any defamatory, pornographic, violent, illegal, contrary to morality and public order, or use the sites involved in spamming activities.

6. The Publisher will not contact the Advertisers (clients) of Toogains, both directly and indirectly, with the objective of excluding Toogains. The Publisher may require Toogains at any time the status of a particular customer. Toogains respond promptly in order to encourage compliance with this clause by the Publisher.

7. The Publisher will be paid for the transaction validated by the advertiser, according to the economic conditions of the country or program. Statistics are compiled from Toogains and are the only useful tool for the calculation of earnings Publisher. The reports provide an estimate of the Publisher. The gains of the Publisher will be processed each month when Toogains and Advertisers can make reconciliations for dependent factors such as a delay in IT processes, discrepancies, traffic and transactions invalid. The earnings will be those once published in the Payments page.

8. Payments will be made by bank transfer (for amounts below € 500 is applied to a charge of € 15) or Paypal account provided by the Publisher within their account. In the case of bank accounts outside the European Economic Area (EEA), additional expenses may be charged by your bank. The Publisher is responsible for any error, omission or delay relative to the provided bank information (errors and omissions can generate bank fees that will be charged to your account). If they do not match the name on the bank account with the account holder Toogains, all payments will be suspended. Toogains has a weekly payment cycle, according to a fortnightly or monthly) The operational need for Toogains; b) The volumes generated by Publisher. Payments will be made for amounts equal to or higher than 30 Euro on condition that Toogains has received full payment of the amount due by the Advertiser / Advertiser in which the Publisher has provided their advertising space. If the remuneration due to less than 30 euro payment will be made in the next cycle. The amounts do not accrue interest.

In case of fraudulent traffic Toogains | Advertising Network reserves the right to suspend payments to 180 (one hundred eighty) days during which will be carried out the analysis of the case, to verify whether or not the behavior contrary to this Regulation. In case of fraudulent traffic, the company reserves the right to terminate the cooperation with immediate effect and to cancel all payment be.

9. Toogains operates under self-billing as required by United Kingdom legislation. The Publisher, for the duration of the service, agrees to receive the self-bills issued by Toogains for its own account at the time of each payment, and not to issue invoices to never Toogains for the amounts relating to this contract / service. Invoices are available for download through the Payments page.

The Publisher must immediately notify Toogains if:

– Changes in the number of VAT (Vat number)

– Gates his VAT

– Sell its company

The balance can be reconciled even after reflecting over-payments or subsequent disputes by Advertisers to which the publisher has provided its own spaces.

10. Toogains is not responsible for the malfunction of telephone lines, electricity, local or global networks, failures, overloads, software interrupts, or infringements of third parties. Toogains not liable for damages caused directly or indirectly by the services provided.

11. The Publisher must maintain adequately their own websites involved in campaigns and always provide its users with a privacy policy (information on the processing of personal data).

12. The advertising media made available they can not be changed without written permission. In particular it is not allowed to publish offers different from those provided by the website of Toogains, untruthful ads created with the purpose of deceiving the Internet user or offers that may in any way cause damage to third parties. E ‘strictly forbidden any action aimed at increasing the remuneration payable to the affiliate. Every action of this type will result in the unilateral termination of the affiliate relationship at the discretion of Toogains | Advertising Network. That club reserves the right to cancel any payment due or to be publishers who will be retained as compensation for the merchant.

Toogains | Advertising Network reserves the right to take action via the appropriate legal action to protect its image and that of its customers and to get due compensation as a result of fraudulent conduct. In recommending the use of the standard codes provided by the portal, Toogains | Advertising Network offers the opportunity to propose to review activities any custom code that can not be used unless approved by our staff.

13. The Publisher indemnifies Toogains for each complaint, damage or expense related to the exercise of its sites, or concerning activities.

14. Toogains authorizes the Publisher to publish their own banners / text links for the duration of the contract, in accordance with this Agreement and according to the guidelines that may be provided from time to time via the website for each country.

15. The contract will be effective from the date of acceptance by Toogains and may be interrupted by either party at any time and without penalty, except as described in these general conditions. The Publisher may terminate demanding the closure of your account directly within the account itself, or it can effectively stop its stake by removing the banners and / or text links to advertisers. Toogains, or the advertiser that the publisher has provided their advertising space, will end the relationship with the Publisher at any time for any reason and without penalty.

16. Toogains may freely use data from the use of network and platform as part of its operations.

17. The Publisher may become aware of confidential business and technical information that may not be disclosed to third parties without your permission.

18. The Publisher must read these conditions (published on the web page http://www.toogains.com/tc/) regularly to detect any changes. If there are changes to the terms and conditions the Publisher will be notified through their account.